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The night of the proposal, Alex was emceeing for The Houston Burlesque Revue’s Valentine’s Show. Alex’s brother Mark and his girlfriend Nikki helped me decorate the apartment with flowers and banners for when Alex and I would come home from the show that night. It was pretty easy setting up because she had to be at the event early that night which gave us plenty of time to decorate the apartment while she was out. The original plan was to walk up to the kissing booth after the show and buy a kiss from Alex and then propose right there, but my friend Chrissy suggested I go on stage and do it in front of everyone. I automatically thought, GENIUS! I moved to the runway in front of the stage and waited as she did her final curtain call. I was a little nervous to get up on stage in front of everyone but I knew this would totally surprise Alex. I walk up the runway and Alex looks at me and says, “Carlos…What are you doing?” I grab the microphone from her, get down on one knee and give my proposal. She said yes and tackled me before I could even stand up. Everyone came and congratulated us after the show and told us how unexpected it was of me to get on stage. Alex and I finally leave the event and head home and of course she still has no Idea we decorated the apartment. We walk in and she almost tackled me AGAIN once she saw the banner and the flowers everywhere. I’m VERY happy with the way it turned out because Alex is VERY hard to surprise.



The way Carlos proposed to me was just amazing! First off, I am the attention hog – I love being on stage, I am extroverted and tend to be the center of it all, while Carlos being the yin to my yang tends to be the quiet one. I am also pretty hard to get on over on, especially if Carlos is trying to hide something from me – he is the WORST liar. To understand my surprise, there is some back story behind my anticipation of the proposal. September of 2012 we took a vacation to the beach and each time he bent down into the sand I would be ready to say “Yes!” only for him to hand me a seashell. The following months were just as “interesting” – Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s all came and went with no proposal. Finally, Valentine’s rolled around and I thought, “Ok, this is it – if he doesn’t ask for V-day, then maybe my birthday in March”. Well, February 14th came and went and all I got was a heart shaped pizza from Papa John’s. Don’t get me wrong – we are low key and the pizza was great, but not engagement ring great! At this point, I figured ok, well when it happens it will happen and I need to just stop waiting for it. Lucky for him, the night he chose to propose, February 15th, I was getting ready to host a show and was running around crazy getting ready and heading up to the venue for last minute items. I had no idea that tonight was the night since I had been waiting for him to pop the question for months already! I had no clue that EVERYONE was in on it – my brother, his girlfriend, my mom, my grandfather, the entire burlesque troupe and all the Benefit Betties knew what was going on! And amazingly, not one person spilled the beans! As we are closing the show, doing our final curtain call, Carlos all of a sudden starts walking up the stage and I stop mid-sentence, “Carlos, what are you doing?” totally about to yell at him to get off my stage. He “Kanye’d” me and took the microphone from my hand and introduced himself to the crowd and dropped to one knee – I really don’t remember what he said except that it made my eyes water and I tackled him as I said “YES!” It was just part 1 of the

surprise. After the show we snapped pictures with friends and family and I was inviting people over to our house to celebrate, only to have Carlos tell me he’d rather not – which put a damper on my mood.

We arrive home, still pretty high from all the excitement only to see the entire apartment covered in flowers and two banners hanging from the ceiling saying, “ I love you” and “8 days a week” in honor of our song by The Beatles. I am still amazed he managed to pull of it off without me knowing!



The Proposal

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