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Carlos and I met the fall of 2009 – September 26 to be exact. I had just graduated from college and was recovering from a move to Houston and a huge change in my life. A friend of mine invited me to this party at David’s house, knowing I was “interested” in a coworker of his. Being the overachiever that I am, of course I arrived earlier than everyone – I think there were maybe 5 of us there? Being that there were only a few people there and considering the person I was there for hadn’t arrived, I tried to be social and started talking to some other party goers. I almost immediately noticed Carlos – tall, dark and handsome – pretty much every girl’s dream man! He also had a fresh tattoo – girls love a bad boy! Well, unbeknown to me, he had noticed me too and was already planning to “chat me up” with another friend of his. I don’t really remember who said “Hi” first, but I do remember we started talking about his new tattoo and then drifted into deeper conversation about each other. We talked about my studies at UofH for my masters and his band he was in at the time. I mean really we talked about everything: music, friends, and family. We hit it off so well I didn’t even notice when my “friend” arrived for the night until he tried to pull me away, but by then I only had eye for Carlos. The night progressed and by the time the party ended, we really didn’t want to separate. We made plans to go out the next night, exchanged number and really haven’t been apart since then. After that first night, we knew it was meant to me and 4 years later, I don’t regret being early to the party, but am so glad neither of us were late.



The first time I met Alex was at a mutual friend David’s house party. He said if you get there early there will be food, so of course I’m all about eating some food at a party. So I show up to the party along with the other early birds and there’s only a hand full of people there - Alex being one of them. I notice Alex as I’m preparing my hamburger and opening up a beer. I had never seen her before and was instantly intrigued by her. I still remember what she was wearing too, she had on a black tank top, a green skirt with matching black flip flops and her hair was straight and black. She was so simple but she stood out from the group and I couldn’t help but stare at her. Yeah, I know, creeper. I ask a friend of mine if she knew who Alex was, “Who is she? She’s very pretty! I wanna go talk to her.” I’m not the type to just walk up to a girl and talk to her either. My friend asked, “Want me to go and talk to her for you?” and I thought, “No no no no, I wanna go say something.” So, I sit next to her on the couch at the party and she notices I have fresh ink on my arm. BOOM! Ice breaker! We start talking about tattoos and then move to music and of course we listen to a lot of the same bands. Sure enough I come to find out that she’s going to school for her masters in PR and she would like to one day help promote local bands. At the time, I was in a band as the vocalist so I felt that I should bring that up. The rest of the night we were inseparable. I told her, “We have to hang out again, I’d like to see you again.” She gave me her number and we hung out the next day and hit it off. I found out later that she was at the party meeting someone else until I came in and stole her away.


how we met

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